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Small Power Transformer Applied Silicon Steel

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Small Power Transformer Applied Silicon Steel


Brief Introduction

Silicon steel, often called Electrical Steel Coil, is steel with silicon added to it. The addition of silicon to steel increases its electrical resistance, improves the magnetic flux strength, and reduces the steel's hysteresis loss. Hysteresis is the lag between the times when a magnetic field is first generated or applied to the steel and when the field fully develops. Through control of the grain size, the hysteresis loss of the steel can be accurately controlled. The direction of the grain in silicon steel can also affect its efficiency. The grain can be oriented in one or double direction (CRGO Silicon Steel Coil/Sheet) through rolling to improve its density or the grain can be non-oriented and run in all directions (CRNGO Silicon Steel Coil/Sheet), making the silicon steel less expensive.



1. Grades: C50W800

2. Thickness: 0.5mm & 0.65mm

3. Width: 1200mm

4. Inner Diameter: 508mm

5. Weight of Steel Coil: 3-8MT



1. Density: 7.8kg/dm3

2. Iron Loss: 4.507W/Kg (f=50Hz B=1.5T)

3. Magnetic Flux Strength: 1.703T ((f=50Hz H=5000A/M))

4. Surface Insulation Resistance: >10Ω/cm2

5. Yield Strength: 250MPa

6. Tensile Strength: 360MPa

7. Extended Length: 39% (380MPa)

8. HV1 Hardness: 122

9. Lamination Factor: 97%

10. Minimum number of Bends: 10Times



1. Small relays

2. Pulse transformers

3. Generators

4. Motors

5. Transformers

6. Power distribution

7. Ballast

8. Instrument

9. Audio

10. Generators for steam turbine and water wheels



1. Low iron loss, high magnetic flux strength, comes up to the international advance standard.

2. Slight thickness difference between the horizontal and the longitudinal directions, promising the high lamination factor.

3. Insulating coating: uniform color, good insulation, strong adhesivity, high heat resistance, high imputrescibility.

4. High accuracy dimension and excellent mechanical property are convenient for the users to slit, cut and laminate.

5. Smooth surface, no rust, no rolling marks, no cold lap, no crease, no bubble cell, no delamination defects.

6. Has been SGS approved, in accordance with various domestic and international environmental regulations.